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Become an instructor

How to become an instructor?


First Step

Fill out the instructor registration form and wait for your registration confirmation.


Second Step

Once you have been accepted as an instructor start preparing your course and putting together your plan.


Third Step

Upload all your course content and wait for your course to go live. We will have a quick check of the content then make it live.


Fourth Step

Once live, start marketing your course through your own networks and interact with your students as needed. Your courses will also be available through our own organic search and marketing.

Why become an instructor?

Earn extra income

At Evolved we understand the need to be able to earn that little extra, or even have that income as a full time source of funds. Once your course is live you will earn money every time a student takes your course.

Be an inspiration

Being an instructor isn’t just about teaching, it’s also about inspiring. At evolved we want you to inspire your students to become exceptional in what they do. You will get great satisfaction from knowing that you are helping others with your knowledge and expertise.

Become part of a community

We want you to become part of our growing community. We are not just about online courses. We also want to help our students outside the classroom. It could be anything from posting to our news section, or helping in the forum.

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Be part of a community
Be inspirational
Be exceptional
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